Gayan Appuhamillage



Synthesis and Development of High Performance Engineering Polyimides as 3D Printable Materials and 3D Printable Novel Polymer Systems for Li Ion Batteries


My research interests primarily focus on synthesis, characterization, and development of high performance engineering polyimides as 3D printable materials via direct-ink (DIW) and steriolithographic (SLA) techniques, as well as synthetic design of novel 3D printable polymer systems as electrolyte matrices and binders for high performance Li ion batteries.






Chixia Tien

Chixia Tien








Synthesis of polymer electrolyte and 3D printing energy storage devices


My research focuses on synthesizing polymer electrolytes and 3D printing energy storage devices. This involves the synthesis of battery materials, developing inks with tunable rheological properties for specific printing techniques, controlling the configuration of batteries and porosity of printed electrodes. The ultimate goal is to improve the energy . density and rate capability of batteries through the three-dimensional electrode design as well as advanced synchrotron X-ray diagnostics.