Tim Long

Timothy E. Long

  • Professor of Chemistry
  • Chemistry Office: 2110 Hahn Hall (0344)
  • Email: telong@vt.edu
  • Phone: 540-231-2480


    The Long Group's research focuses on state of the art polymer synthesis and characterization for emerging technologies. Our specific areas of research include:

    • Supramolecular Structures
    • Polymer Chemistry/Biology Interface
    • Multi-Phase Architecture
    • Charged Polymers
    • Engineering Thermoplastics
    • Functional Surfaces and Nanoparticles


    Recent News

    • June 2014. Joe Dennis, Chainika Jangu, and Keren Zhang received a 2014-2015 Chevron-Phillips Chemical Professional Excellence Travel Award!
    • June 2014. David Inglefield successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation, Congrats David!
    • February 2014. Dr. Long received the 2014 Robert L. Patrick Fellowship Award!
    • December 2013. Mingtao Chen, Ryan Mondschein, and Justin Sirrine have joined our group!
    • January 2012. Recent Macromolecular Bioscience article "DNA-Inspired Hierarchical Polymer Design: Electrostatics and Hydrogen Bonding in Concert", has been featured on MaterialsViews.com